Why Jason Collins’ announcement should be a non-story

(AP Photo/Nam Y. Huh, File)

Of  course, it’s interesting to see who the stars are dating.

Wow, Tom Brady is with a supermodel.

But would any of us be presumptuous enough to feel like we should have a say who anyone should find attractive?

Absolutely not.

That’s why I find the announcement that NBA journeyman player Jason Collins is gay, a non-story.

The real story is why he’s felt compelled to hide who he is.

Yes I understand that sports is a bastion of machoness.  A locker room is full of athletes boasting of how many women they’ve had and where it was done.  You know the same kind of thing you hear in frat houses.  Like snapping a towel against an unprotected backside, athletes in the locker room are wont to prey on their teammates vulnerabilities.  Often it’s in the spirit of good natured fun, but apparently sometimes it goes overboard, like snapping the towel into an unprotected open wound.

But I hope the majority of athletes, in any sport, are above that and are as ho-hum about their teammates sexual preference as I am.

I’ve heard people, many of whom with real limited intelligence, try to argue that a straight athlete will feel uncomfortable getting dressed in front of a gay man.

If that’s the case, I’d say the straight athlete might not be so straight.

Ever been in a locker room?  Most athletes appear to have no inhibitions at all.  Off comes the towel regardless of who happens to be in the room… with cameras rolling.

Can’t imagine they care if anyone is admiring them or even not admiring them.

Athletes, just like civilians have all sorts or taste.

Some of them, like some of us, prefer blondes, or redheads.

Why anyone thinks they have the right to tell anyone what they should prefer is beyond me.

I hope coming out was cathartic for Jason Collins.

I also hope he finds that his preferences are not as big a deal to his colleagues as he feared.


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1 thought on “Why Jason Collins’ announcement should be a non-story

  1. His ‘coming out’ has nothing to do with him being gay per se or being the first to finally admit it. It’s a ploy because he’s now a 36-year-old free agent and no team is interested in hiring him. Now, though, when he’s NOT hired, he can then sue the NBA for discrimination. It’s a sad, pathetic money grab. Not courage.

    I don’t care who this guy, or any guy, finds attractive or is dating any more than I care who Kim what’s-her-name is banging this week. All that nonsense is drivel for the weak minded. Unfortunately there are plenty of weak minded men out there, mostly teens and twenty-somethings who live in their parents’ basement and complain they don’t have money.

    Let these people, gay, straight, or whatever, live their lives. You don’t like what they, ignore it. Can’t do that? Grow a pair.


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