Mountain Biking in Madison

Its one of the fastest-growing outdoor sports in the world.

Mountain biking.

More than 50 million Americans hit the trails every year.

“It’s really peaceful,”  said Madison mountain biker Jason Engelhardt. “So many times when I’m out here, there’s no one else. And it’s been one of my favorite things.”

Engelhardt enjoys it so much that he’s helped develop some new trails at the Rockland Preserve in Madison.

“What we’ve been doing is building trails that are single track, which means one user wide,” he said.

Single track trails are anywhere between 10 and 24 inches wide, and are designed to use the natural features of the land with the intent of enhancing the experience for all.

The Rockland Preserve is almost 650 acres. Hundreds of volunteers have spent thousands of hours making all kinds of improvements.

So far, volunteers have built 8 miles of trails in parts of the park that were rarely used.

“The results have been great, we’re really having fun with it,” Engelhardt said. “We’re getting people to be passionate about being outside, which is ultimately our goal.”

The Rockland Preserve is open to the public and maintained by the town of Madison.