Noah Finz: My Favorite Baseball Players of All-Time


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It’s one of the most fun topics we’ve had here on (and we’ve had a lot of them). Who is your favorite player? We asked our sports team to give us their favorite baseball players, position by position. We’ve got two Yankees fans (Erik Dobratz and Kels Dayton) and a Padres fan (poor Noah Finz), so you won’t see many Red Sox on these lists.

We decided that our list had to be limited to players we’ve seen and can remember seeing, so no old-timers from back in the ’60s made the cut. Check them out, and create yours by commenting below or by signing up to become a contributor!

Other lists: Kels Dayton Erik Dobratz

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Noah’s Note: I’m a Padres fan, so you’ve probably never heard of some of these guys. 

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