Dr. Oz’s 3 Day Detox Cleanse: My Review

Hi everyone! Thanks for embarking on this journey with me! This past weekend, I decided to try a Detox Cleanse for the first time in my life. I was excited for it, but once I assembled all the ingredients…I became a little nervous, too. Could I really do this? All liquids for the next 3 days… no snacking whatsoever?! This was going to be a challenge.

Well, I’m proud to say that I was able to do it! Three days later, I feel less bloated, refreshed and truly healthy!

In the TV business, sitting down for meals can be hard. Like many of you, I am often on the run, and sometimes forget to eat entirely. That is probably where my eating habits falter the most. I incorporate healthy foods into my diet regularly, but I also enjoy snacking, which can fill me up on the wrong foods. The lack of consistency gets me the most.

That’s why I wanted to start this cleanse. A co-worker tried it last month, and I wanted to give it a whirl myself. While there are positive side effects, such as weight loss, that wasn’t my goal. I wanted to reset my organs and eliminate the toxins from my body. It’s something I think I will do every year now.


Preparation is Key… 

On Friday night, I headed to the grocery store with my Dr. Oz “One Sheet” in hand. This sheet lists everything you need for the duration of the cleanse.

My bill: $43.00* 
*I already had vitamins, and green apples.4 055 3daydetox e13908566287462 Dr. Ozs 3 Day Detox Cleanse: My Review
*I did not purchase the coconut oil or almond butter. (Could not find them)
Average: $14.33/day & $4.77/meal

You should expect to spend around the same. Dr. Oz says about $16/day.

The only difficult part about this sheet is that it doesn’t say what size the produce should be.
Use your best judgment here and alter if it’s too much for you to consume.

For example:

  • My apples were a bit smaller, so I added ¾ or what I thought would be ½ of a bigger apple.
  • My cucumbers, and bananas were on average about 8 inches each.
  • I usually measured after the veggies were cut up. (I.e.: 1 cup of kale leaves is only about ¼ cup minced.)

**FYI: The one-sheet does not measure in the ingredients for the snack. If you think you will want one, you will need to consider your purchases while shopping.

Note: I have been asked quite a bit about my blender. It is an Oster 20oz. Personal Blender. It’s only about $20 and you can find it at places like Target or Walmart. It comes with one bottle, but I bought a second one. It is so convenient and works great!



And So it Begins…

Day 1:

My video blog will take you through this day, and how I made my shakes. I definitely learned a lot from this first day experience, and altered the next two days of drinks accordingly.

IMG_0229-225x300I started my morning with the green tea Detox drink. This was a wonderful. I love tea & it was easy for me, because while I enjoy coffee…it’s not something I NEED TO HAVE everyday.

I added the lemon, but nixed the Stevia. In recent years, I no longer add anything to my tea, so I didn’t want to start now.

Then, I began preparing my breakfast drink. This was delicious, and easy to consume! Whenever I do order a smoothie, or make my own, it almost always includes berries and a banana- so this was a breeze and very enjoyable.

This drink I was the most nervous for. After reading reviews, people almost unanimously agreed that this was the worst drink of the three.  On Day 1, I’d have to agree- this was not yummy.

It looks delicious, and so healthy…the bright green presentation, but its texture is what gets to you.

I got through half of the drink fairly smoothly, but then it became a chore to finish the rest. When making it, I chopped the celery and kale thoroughly, but it was still just too much to swallow. This drink took me over an hour to consume, and I ended up leaving about 4 ounces remaining. To my surprise, I was just way too full.

Did not have one. I was not hungry.

I’ll be honest. I “cheated” a tiny bit (as I took a taste of the avocado.) At this point, my  mind was telling me how much I wanted to chew something or taste food in a non drink manner.


I prepped out my foods, and began mixing. Upon first sip, it didn’t seem too bad; but like the lunch shake…I could not enjoy it entirely. I think the Kale was still a little much for me, so I actually chewed each sip a bit.

To be honest, I was ready to quit at dinner. But, I didn’t…I committed to this, and knew I was being a baby, because all I wanted were the White Cheddar “Cheez-It” crackers sitting in my cabinet.

This drink took me 2 hours to consume; and I only finished 10 ounces– half of what it made. I hoped this was okay and would not alter my results. But, I didn’t want to get myself sick…I was so full! I also noticed during this meal, that I was bloated, and my cheeks and face were quite flushed. Not sure what that correlation was, just a side effect for me personally.

I finished what I could, and then headed to bed.

FYI: I did not do the nightly bath during the cleanse. I am sure it is nice and relaxing, but I have only a shower. 


Halfway there…

Day 2:

I was a bit more tired this morning and woke up with a minor headache, but found my way out of bed and started the tea pot. Once again, I enjoyed the green tea. I want to have a cup of this everyday- its benefits are endless! (Plus, I got to enjoy it in this awesome IMG_0252-225x300mug from my little brother!)

Again, I have no complaints about this shake. I truly enjoy it, and it was a nice way to start off my morning. I was still a little groggy (this is normal- our bodies are ridding the toxins, and are not used to overloads of fresh foods); So, I closed my eyes for a bit.

I was getting hungry again, but literally dreading this second shake. After yesterday, it felt like torture, so I made a few adjustments to help me. I cut back the celery to 3 pieces and not 4 and used a smidge less kale. Also, I REALLY chopped them up- I basically minced them and I noticed the difference big time. I enjoyed it and it was easy to consume. Like I initially stated in my video blog, the taste is not bad at all!

Once again, no snack. I was not hungry.

Once I was finally getting hungry, I decided to have my dinner drink. I’ll admit it, I was being lazy. I decided to finish my remaining 10 ounces from the night before. I felt quite content with that…so I did not make another dinner shake.

**Tonight, I prepped out my spinach for the morning shake. This would be a huge time saver- I still planned on blending it fresh. I also made my lunch drink.


I can do this!…

Day 3: 

I woke up a lot thru the night, as my body cleansed itself. But, overall had a good night’s sleep. I won’t lie; I didn’t want to get up. Heading back to work is always tough after the weekend, and I was hoping I could make it thru the workday content on my drinks.

Tea was great as I got ready for work. I grabbed my breakfast shake and enjoyed it at the office.

I was hungrier, earlier today. I ate lunch about 2.5 hours after breakfast (I had been going about 4 hours between the two meals on Days 1 & 2). I proudly discussed my meal with my coworkers, and sipped it up like I would with any delicious beverage. I had less urge to eat real food that was in front of me. It’s amazing how quickly our taste buds and bodies can adapt to a particular taste.

I wish I brought a snack today. I am hungry!

I went home, and was ready for my dinner ASAP! I was looking forward to my meal, and was amazed at my how taste buds have acquired so quickly to these foods. It was satisfying, and I was just SO HAPPY! 9 meals later, I made it through! The cleanse was over…best meal ever 🙂


Day After:

I was very excited to eat food today, but at the same time…I worried about how it would combat my results.
For breakfast, I had a slice of multi-grain toast with peanut butter and half of a mango.
I followed it by a mid-morning snack of celery. And for lunch, I had a can of tuna in a spinach/kale salad.

As you see, I’ve already incorporated these “cleanse” foods into my daily diet. This definitely gets you back on track. 

Interesting Observations: I did still want to snack a bit, so had a handful of mixed nuts. After lunch, I tried to eat a mini-snickers bite size, and I did not enjoy the taste at all, I actually threw it out. That’s a big difference for me… I love chocolate! Cleanse effects in action. 


Tips for you:

  • Chop everything up very finely. If you have a food chopper- even better!
    * Blend the shake until you get it to the consistency you want.
    UPDATE: From doing these shakes “post-cleanse”- I no longer chopped anything and it worked very smoothly. Try it this way; it will save you time.
  • Allow yourself adequate time. The prepping process for each meal is time consuming.
    * If you need to, block off an evening, and prep ahead.
    * While the weekend was “guilty pleasure”-tempting, I liked the fact that I had time to prep it out and relax.
  • Adding a little water while drinking will help you get it down easier.
    * For me, drinking a thinner consistency was helpful.
  • Speaking of H20, keep drinking it! It will suppress your hunger in between meals, and help flush out the toxins.
  • Eat at set times. I did this on the weekend, so I fluctuated a bit…but would recommend you try to stick to a true schedule.
  • Remember: It’s only three days and you will feel great for sticking true! 
  • 2 words: WILL POWER!

Benefits & Overall Summary:

  • I did not weigh myself, but I have noticed some changes in my body.
    * You are bound to lose a few inches and drop a couple of pounds.
  • I feel less worry. My mind and thinking feels clearer.
  • New found energy.
  • I feel less bloated overall.
  • My skin feels better; tighter.
  • My nasal congestion and allergies feel improved.
  • Realization of how much I actually snack when not necessarily hungry.
  • Encouraged to include more of these foods in my daily diet.
    * I will likely continue the breakfast shake

Overall, while it was not a bad three days, I personally wanted to just eat food. I was not used to the blending/liquid aspect; so while it is a lot of veggies and food, it doesn’t feel as satisfying as diving into a plate of solid food. However, the benefits are undeniable, and so… just like my beverages were 100% natural, this was 100% worth it!

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