Coolest NCAA Logo Tournament: Pac-12

Pac 12

Welcome back to’s Coolest NCAA Logo Tournament. We consider ourselves a pretty big deal, and you should too.

In case you missed the opening rounds of our tournament (how could you??), here are the links to the conferences polls we’ve already posted:

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Here are the ground rules:

-64 teams will make the NCAA Coolest Logo Field (just like the basketball tournament should be).

-Each of the conferences will receive one automatic bid, voted on by fans (assuming there are any).

-At-large bids will be chosen based on the non-league champions with the most votes

Our plan is to unveil two conferences a day, each day, until we finish all 32 conferences. Then, the winners in each conference would advance to the “NCAA Tournament,” which will run throughout the month of August.

Check back for a complete index of all of the conference tournaments.

Pac-12: It’s one of the more recognizable conferences in the country, and the outfit that arguably began the second round of conference realignment, but at least the Pac-12 boasts some cool logos.

Oregon State would have been at the top of this list with either of its old “Beavers” logos, but the new, slick one is still good enough to rank it at No. 1. Cal’s new Golden Bear is pretty sweet looking, and that vaulted it to the second spot here. Washington, Arizona State and UCLA all have unique logos, and in the case of the latter two, even though they’ve been phased out, they’re still very identifiable with the school. Arizona’s Wildcat is pretty cool, and Washington State’s caterpillar  Cougar is…well…interesting.

It’d be even better if they just nicknamed themselves the “Caterpillars.”


Beavers (1) Oregon State Beavers


9268_california_golden_bears-alternate-2013  (2) California Golden Bears


6269_washington_huskies-alternate-2007  (3) Washington Huskies


arizona-state_1_  (4) Arizona State Sun Devils


2671  (5) UCLA Bruins



7298  (6) Arizona Wildcats



Oregon-Ducks-Logo-2-psd88307  (7) Oregon Ducks



6046_washington_state_cougars-alternate-1995  (8) Washington State Cougars



colo  (9) Colorado Buffaloes



61-61244(10) Stanford Cardinal



utah (11) Utah Utes



Usc_football_logo  (12) USC Trojans


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